Once approved as an authorized distributor you’ll have authorization to sell its products and participate on listings restricted to other sellers.

How it Works

Once we’ve been able to establish a professional online presence for your brand, we help you get approved as an authorized distributor.

Why Work with Brands?

  • Avoid getting kicked off of listings
  • Limit competition by selling on restricted listings
  • Less price manipulation due to MAP pricing requirements
  • Select products with profitability and proven success on Amazon
  • Have additional channels that you can utilize to sell products outside of Amazon (eBay & Facebook)
  • Professional online presence for your brand
  • Limit competition by selling on restricted listings​
  • Integrate multiple marketplaces​
  • Expand your sales reach by expanding your Amazon store across multiple channels​
  • Build a customized Brand Directory with direct links to applications
  • Continue to assist with Brand Approval until client has been approved to sell at least one brand
  • Email and Phone Templates for brand outreach