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Pre-Researched list of products, made exclusively for Amazon sellers.

Instructional guides to maximize your use of the Weekly Deals List.

To ensure quality of experience, please let us know if you find any inaccurate product data or out of stock products.

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Rules for Participating in Weekly Deal Access:

1. Limit any purchases to 10 units per product. Do not exceed this amount or you will risk having your order canceled.

Not all stores allow for items to be shipped to fulfillment or forwarding companies (i.e. ThinkGeekĀ and Target). In the event they are not able to ship to a commercial address, you will need to use your residential address for shipping.

2. Please do not lower your Amazon sales price below 10% of anticipated Amazon resale price. MAP Pricing enforced on PremiumĀ and Custom Weekly Deals.

3. Perform thorough due diligence for any products you are choosing to purchase.