Multi Channel Setup

Expand Your Amazon store across

Multiple channels

Amazon sellers are able to expand their reach using multiple sales channels with automatic fulfillment. Increase sales and build a professional presence online.

Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment  helps you grow your business by giving you access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment network, operational expertise, and trusted shipping options for all of your orders, from wherever they’re placed—both on Amazon.com and on other sales channels. 

Custom Web Store

We build a custom web store that allows your Amazon listings to be recreated across multiple platforms.


When it comes to connecting all the marketplaces so everything works fluidly, we handle all the hard stuff.

Retain Customer Data

Get customer information and build marketing lists so you can offer products to them in the future.

Marketing & Analytics

Leverage the power of targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google Ads and more.

What's Included

Expand Your Business to Multiple Channels

With Automated Fulfillment

Expand Your Business to Multiple Channels

Multi-channel makes sense. The more you do to actively boost your marketing the better; I think it’s safe to say that no company is likely to ever get the business they need by only exercising one marketing channel.
  • Turnkey system for establishing a professional presence online
  • Expand your Amazon store onto multiple channels with automated fulfillment
  • Lock on brands with strong sales on Amazon
  • Participate in sales from listings that are restricted to other sellers

Benefits of Multiple Channels

Get products to show up in more places while increasing brand presence online.

Scale existing business through multiple sales channels

Targeted advertising can be used with precise audience identified

Automation through systems in lead generation and marketing

Choose from Dropship Integration, Fulfillment by Amazon or Shopify (NEW)

Become an Approved Distributor with Resale Authorization