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Daily Deals

10 Deals Daily, Monday - Friday
$ 149 Monthly
  • High Profit Products
  • Limited to 20 Users
  • Fast Moving Products
  • Low Competition
  • 50 Deals Per Week

Weekly Deals

100+ Deals Weekly
$ 99 Monthly
  • Posted Every Monday
  • Fast Moving Products
  • Sales & Revenue Data
  • Unrestricted
  • 100+ Deals Weekly


Daily + Weekly Deals
$ 199 Monthly
  • Weekly + Daily Access
  • Limited to 20 Users
  • Fast Moving Products
  • Low Competition
  • 200+ Deals Weekly




Products are analyzed for profitability, with FBA fees taken into consideration and estimated net profit data included.

Fast Moving

Our products typically have a sales rank of 250,000 or less. That way you can move through inventory faster without having to incur long term storage.


Products are checked for brand and category restrictions to ensure you're able to sell it on Amazon

We Help You Boost Your

Online Sales.

We scour the internet, research each product and present the best deals to you in an easy to understand format so you can spend less time searching for deals and more time growing your Amazon store.

"I am selling out of everything and hit a high in sales this month. There is a hot transfer of close to $2k after fees scheduled for the next Amazon deposit. It's nowhere near enough yet, but bigger every month, so I see consistent improvement and growth. Thanks for all your help and support. I seriously doubt I could have been here yet without you."
Teri H.
Investible User