Ready to Launch a Private Label Product?

We help online sellers navigate the process of launching a private label product on Amazon. 







What we do

We take online sellers step by step through the process of identifying, sourcing and launching a product online. Once the process has been completed, future product launches can be replicated with ease.

We help you research products for private label potential to help you identify products with profit potential and minimal capital requirements. A Private Label specialist will help you understand product competition, reviews needed to sell, profit potential and marketing expectations related to your product launch.

We help you identify and evaluate manufacturers so that you can get the highest quality product customized at the best price available.

Our in-house design team helps create the perfect logo for custom product branding, packaging design, and marketing materials.

After completing an analysis on your potential competition, we help you create the perfect listing on Amazon, optimized for relevant keywords that help your product show up in search results. Maximize keyword exposure to rank higher, increase conversions and elevate your brand. 

We help set up a marketing plan for your product launch, with campaigns that target relevant keywords that will lead to conversions. A specialist will analyze results with you to better understand which keywords offer the best return relative to sales. 

Your Product Launch Starts Here.

We’d love to help you launch a private label product. We’ll help you navigate the process step by step, so that future product launches can be replicated with greater efficiency.

Why Launch a Product?

Higher Margins
on Product Sales

Private label brands typically have significantly higher profit margins than resale products. This is because the cost basis for making your own products is usually much lower.


Private label branding is one way to separate yourself from competitors. As the brand owner, you have an exclusive right to sell the products. If you market the brand well and create demand for it, you benefit as your customers' only source.

Control Marketing
And Profits

With private labeling, you can determine the profitability of your product. This is, in part, due to the control over production and the exclusivity of the product. Private labeling gives the brand control over their own resale pricing.

Take Your Online Business
to the Next Level

Amazon SEO

$ 995 Listing optimization
  • Product Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Revision
  • Increase Conversions
  • Marketing Setup
  • Advertising Analysis


$ 3,495 custom web store
  • Add Sales Channels
  • Increase Exposure
  • Social Media Setup
  • Automated Fulfillment
  • Analytics Integration
  • Retain Customer Data


  • Research & Analysis
  • Sourcing Assistance
  • Product Branding
  • Product Photography
  • Listing Optimization
  • Marketing Setup