Fly Out Mentor

Fly Out Mentor


    1. Cross Channel Marketing

• The more successful that you want to be in this business, the more you need to realize that there are dozens of other sales sites out there that are just like Amazon.

• eBay.com
• Walmart.com
• Rakuten.com
• Plus tons more

    • And here’s the thing….you can still have Amazon be your fulfillment, handle all the shipping and packaging.
    • Your mentor is going to get you set up on other platforms so that you can cross channel sell to quadruple your profits.
    • Setup your Shopify Site.4 Weeks of Coaching Follow Up
    • Your Mentor will follow up with you for the 4 weeks following your 2-day mentorship.
    • Work with you to make sure your Brand end up on Amazon. Getting ungated orunrestricted so that you can sell.


Private One on One 2-Day Advanced Mentor:

(2) Full Days Spent 1-on-1 with one of our Hand-Picked Mentors

  • One of our hand-picked, and already successful on Amazon Mentors is going to spend (2) Full Days with you developing a completely tailored Mentoring Program.
  • Jam packed 2 days of education from 9:00am until you say.
  • Your mentor is going to give you the training options and you are going to chooseexactly what you would like to focus on.
  • The goal is for our mentor to leave with your complete business set up around yourschedule and lifestyle